The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame has a variety of Hall of Fame items which can be purchased directly through the Hall of Fame, or at a number Hall of Fame events through out the Ottawa Valley. From time to time, we get more types of collectables in stock, so check back every now and then for our specials.

To purchase any of our products, please send a cheque or money order to:

HOF Executive Secretary
1016 Route 315
L’Ange-Gardien, QC  J8L OK5

For more information about our products, send an email to: info@ottawacountrymusichof.org

A great hat for all you country music loving fishermen (and wannabes). The one and only OVCMHOF tub hat. Perfect for showcasing all those lures and collector's pins at all the outdoor country jamborees. Our tub hats are 100% cotton and are available in sizes S-M and L-XL!

Price: $5 CDN (taxes included - shipping extra)

Baseball style cap in maroon with gold embroidered logo. Available in soft and rigid designs.

Price: $20 CDN (taxes included - shipping extra)

Short-sleeved cotton polo shirt in beige with maroon embroidered logo.

Price: $30 CDN (taxes included - shipping extra)

Long-sleeved button down shirt in maroon with gold embroidered logo in cotton/polyester blend.

Price: $50 CDN (taxes included - shipping extra)

Here is our limited edition of the 35th Anniversary Hall of Fame lapel pin. This stick pin is approximately the size of a Canadian toonie, and has a full flat back clasp. These pins can be secured to just about any cloth, and they also make a great tie clip! They make great gifts for any Ottawa Valley Country Music fan, and are a valued item for pin collectors. Get one while supplies last.

Price: $5 CDN (taxes included - shipping extra)

Within this cookbook, you'll find the some of the valley's favorite recipes. Many valley artists have contributed to this effort. Inside you'll find recipes from Ron McMunn, Terry Carisse, the HOF Board of Directors, as well as from many of the Country Music fans throughout the Ottawa Valley.

Price: $10 CDN (taxes included - shipping extra)

For those of you that have been waiting, well wait no more!

After years of preparation and searching, we have finally compiled our second CD for your listening pleasure.

Price: $20.00 CDN (taxes included - shipping extra)



The following is a list of the songs on the CD. We’ve included links to each artist and a clip of their songs to give you a sample of some of the selections.

1. Marie King
This White Circle
2. Bob Ranger
Ranger's Hornpipe
3. Neville Wells
But I Was Younger Then
4. Al Brisco
Ralph's Reel
5. Colleen Peterson
6. The Brisson Brothers
Lonesome Fiddler
7. Gary Fairburn & Donna Moon
Let's Bring It Back Again
8. Edie Thomas
The Master's Bouquet
9. Mike O'Reilly
Old Standby
10. Mickey McGivern
Hillbilly Funk
11. Sneezy Waters
Sawdust On The Floor Of My Heart
12. Tom Wilson
Hey Uncle Tom
13. Alex Cobb
Bill Cheatham
14. The Music Men
Frankie & Johnny
15. Peter Dawson
Granny White Special
16. Al Utronki
Gallopin’ Guitar
17. Fred Dixon
Alberta Cowboy
18. Dusty King Sr.
This Ole Heart
19. Wayne Rostad
Highway Eleven
20. Andy Clarke
She’s My Lady
21. Bobby Lalonde
If Your Love Ran Out Tomorrow

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