RONNIE PROPHET (1985 Inductee)

Ronnie Prophet was born in Hawkesbury, Ontario, across the Ottawa River from his boyhood home in Calumet, Quebec. At the age of 11, Ronnie started to develop expertise with the piano, mandolin, guitar and many other instruments. He eventually chose the guitar and, in his mid-teens, started to play local clubs. He teamed with school chum, Dougie Trineer, and moved to Montreal where he soon became a hit.

The sixties saw Ronnie so successful in the lounges of the USA that, in 1965, he applied for and received papers to move to the United States. Initially, Fort Lauderdale was home; then, with bookings and marquee profile, he moved to Nashville to perform on a regular basis at the Carousel Club. In 1970 and the years to follow, Ronnie teamed with Danny Thomas through the William Morris Agency, to play Vegas, Tahoe and Reno. These tours were always followed by a return to the Carousel. In 1972, after guesting on the Tommy Hunter Show, Ronnie was offered his own show on the CBC.

Following two summer replacement series, Ronnie moved to CTV where, for the next seven years, he hosted "Grand Old Country" and "Rocky Mountain Inn". From a humble 1960 start on CHLT-TV Sherbrooke to a network host was a giant step that had the added bonus of enhancing is recording career. His early career in recording was established from a home-based studio but now, with an RCA contract, his release of "Sanctuary" and other solid chart hits brought new fortune.

Ronnie Prophet has been called the performers’ performer. His career achievements include almost every Canadian music industry award and a nomination, along with his wife, Glory-Anne Carriere, for "Duo of the Year". Ronnie has released over two dozen albums and forty singles and has hosted numerous Canadian TV specials as well as England’s prestigious Wembley Festival on several occasions. Tours with Danny Thomas and Perry Como, guest appearances on almost every prominent TV talk show, and trips to England, Germany, Holland, Sweden and New Zealand have all contributed to his international status. Ronnie and Glory-Anne are currently living and performing in the booming country music mecca of Branson, Missouri.

Ronnie, country singer, musician and comedian, died with loving family and friends at his side on March 2, 2018.

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